I Took Suicide off the Table When I Realized This.

This is what I’ve come to find, if you find yourself suicidal, it might be because you’re highly intelligent and you trust your mind too much. You might be trusting the world around you too much as well.

Here me out on this one.

It’s very likely that you’re very good at making predictions and seeing things for what they truly are. You’ve built a great case for your thoughts because you’re usually right. I bet you are, about that guy, or that job, or that church service. Here’s the thing, it’s the interpretation, and you more than likely reside in a space that constantly invalidates what you feel to be true.

You think things are wrong? You’re absolutely right, they are. It’s a call to make things right. It’s not a call to leave.

You’re head is telling you, “get out of here, this hurts too much.” Your heart is nodding in agreement saying, “yes, let’s shed this character and start anew.”

I believe we change the world by simply being ourselves.

I believe many of us were born with a stronger bullshit meter in order to challenge the world that’s been created. Now, that bullshit meter might have been buried. It’s time to unearth it. We need it.

First, make sure you’re being yourself, and second make sure you have a place that accepts it, even if it’s just a small tribe of people. For me, I had to first realize that my own head was not a safe place to be in. I had heard a million times over that I was hard on myself, and what would I do? Agree and scold myself. I didn’t know how to ease the dialogue with myself.

Observe your thoughts, and make sure you’re on own your team, others will follow suit. Please know that some won’t, even those closest to you. Let that be okay. That is one of the most difficult truths.

Being alive sucks sometimes, maybe even most of the time. Okay, perfect, right there, take that brilliant mind and do something different with it. Before you make a decision like that, make a badass one to move, get sober, quit that job, leave “the one,” hell even tell someone off for the first time. You hear me on that?

You see where I’m going with this, you’re not wrong, you’re just contemplating an ineffective outcome.

We need people like you so badly. We need people who recognize that a lot of what is going on, is not the way it’s meant to be. Nothing is going to change that except for you. That’s why you were born into or find yourself where you are. You were strategically placed there for a reason, but it’s only a season.

We have so grown accustomed to a very backwards system.

The world that tells you how you should look, what you should do with your time, and how you should raise your children, it’s not as right as we have been told. You don’t have to make money that way, or get married. You don’t have to be with the opposite sex, or talk so much shit to fit in. Times are a changing’ and that’s exactly my point.

We are like cracks in the surface of this earth. Only you can reach certain places. Stay here and change it. We need you right there.

We need the solidarity and more teammates. There are others like you, you just haven’t met them yet. I promise you, the more you become yourself, the more this world will make sense. Freedom exists. That screen that you look at, has an algorithm to reflect back the walls of that small box you’re in. It’s going to keep telling you the same story. I promise if you break out of that box, you’ll see the world is so much greater than you’ve ever known. It might bring about judgement at first, the road less traveled is not an easy one, but I promise it’s not one of loneliness. That box your in is much lonelier than anything outside of it.

You might have to walk alone for a bit, and just when you decide to you were wrong about it, you’ll see up ahead or back a bit, there is someone walking the same path as you.

Dare it. Bare it. I promise you won’t regret it. You’d regret what you’re contemplating, I promise. You’re here to join this movement of transformation and liberation. I believe that might be your purpose. Yes, I know, you think you don’t have one. You absolutely do and I know that because you’re here in this time and your heart is still beating. Please don’t leave. We need you now the most.

What do you say? Give it a chance.

Make one move and then another. You won’t regret it.

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