We Are More Than Gun Seekers

Dear Mr. President,

I write you with urgency. Please tell me that you haven’t known or loved someone who struggled with a mental illness. Even if just for a season or maybe for a lifetime. We are not just citizens who want to buy guns. Yes, there have been those who chose violence amidst a mental illness, but the larger majority of us are those who are just trying to be capable and contributing citizens. We are teachers, doctors, CEOs, politicians, parents, artists, and everyday people. That’s the thing, mental illness is an everyday thing for us. We wake up with it and we go to bed each night with it. We rely on ourselves to be functional, and we rely on doctors, therapists, and healthcare. We are red, yellow, black, and white. We are rich and we are poor, but we all share the same thorn. We are valuable beyond belief, but yes, we do need help. We need medication, therapy, and rehabilitation. Please don’t disregard us. We are an invaluable resource. We are people with extraordinary gifts. We are diamonds to be harvested under the muck and mire that is mental illness. Help dig us out, please don’t bury us further. We aren’t asking for special treatment, we are just asking for the treatment we need. We are not just school shooters and terrorist. We are peacemakers, life savers, money makers, and game changers. We don’t want to scam the system, we just want to be a valuable piece of it. Please give us that chance.

Best wishes,

A Concerned Citizen

This message was posted as part of #ReadMyLips, a campaign enabling individuals to share a personal message with President Trump on what they want from him for women’s health and women’s rights these next 4 years.

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