Five Baby Steps

Honey, that’s no way to live.

But I don’t know any different.

Knowing can always be attained.

All that’s required, is faith.

Now let’s begin.

1. Forgiveness

You must forgive yourself for the past. It is done. Accept what has been, and forgive yourself. You can’t move to step two if you don’t. Tell yourself you did the best you could because you did. This is a gnarly disease. You must be kind to yourself. To me, the fact that you’re still here is a miracle in itself. Pain and failure are the gifts that redirect our path. Look at the love that has carried you here. You are deserving of that love. Accept it. You are worthy of it. You are no exception to that, I promise.

2. Faith

I’m not talking religion, it can be in whatever “larger than you” thing you believe. God, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, humanity, love, the stars, yoga, a higher power, an unnamed force, or recovery. Whatever, but you must have faith in something larger than yourself that can help pull you forward. You must have faith that transformation is possible, and that it’s possible for you.

3. Action

You must be willing to take action, and you must be open to change. I’m talking baby steps. I’m not talking massive overhaul, though this might be something necessary for you. It’s going to be different for each and every one of you. I believe that steps two and three work congruently in motion. I believe when you take steps in faith, you are met with power, strength, and momentum towards transformation.

4, Celebrate

Celebration is magic. We must celebrate baby steps and giant steps. We must celebrate 2 steps back and 3 steps forward. We must celebrate one day sober, new hobbies, getting out of bed, new careers, eating less, eating more, socializing, and another day on earth. We must celebrate it all, big and small. We must celebrate alone and we must celebrate together.

5. Keep going

We must all keep going, for ourselves and for each other. We are going to thrive and we are going to fail, over and over again. When we thrive, we must keep going, and when we fall, we must keep going. This journey is never ending, but it’s beautiful. Trust me, this life is not a waste of time. We must keep going.

The world is ours, and we are each others tribe. Let’s make this thing extraordinary. Hands in, and break!

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