A Letter To The Anxious Mind

Hey, hey, stop for a second. Right there. Breathe. You’re okay. You’re good. You are so good. Do you know that? You are an embodiment of love. That’s a truth you can’t escape.

Now, your thoughts. Hear me out. You can guide them. You don’t have to fight them or even control them. Catch and release them. The ones that feel good? Keep those. The ones that don’t? Release them. Release them quick. Not in a panic. Release them ever so gently, but please let them go. There is no need for them now. You developed these mechanisms at a time when you needed them. It was genius. You observed, analyzed, and calculated the world around you to keep you safe. You are safe now. Let your guard down. You can care for yourself now. Whatever comes your way, you don’t need to predict it. You are strong enough to handle it now, I promise.

Breathe. Catch. Release.

Like a fisherman on a quiet and peaceful river. You are rocking your own boat. Keep the beautiful healthy fish, and let the others go. Every fish is not a sign, it’s just making its way. Let them down stream if they don’t serve you.

Like a garden, be careful of the seeds plant. Cultivate the good thoughts and watch them blossom. Rid of the weeds and intruders.

Breathe. Don’t make it a game like a worried watchmen keeping his castle. You are safe. Intrusions will come but you have every resource you need to gracefully ward them off.

Breathe, catch, and release.

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